Wayshine Biopharm a multinational drug research and development company , headquarter is in Shanghai. We provide medical solutions to address evolving needs of cancer patients worldwide. And we are dedicated to independently developing innovative drugs for cancer treatment, including lung cancer, glioma, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer and so on. The company was founded in Jan, 2016 by Wei Zhong as CEO. The registration address of Wayshine Biopharm (Shanghai) Co. Ltd is Room E8, 3rd floor, Building #6, 4299 Jindu Road, Minhang district, Shanghai, China. 

Wayshine Biopharm is focusing on discovery and development of medicines, the mission of the company is to develop precision medicines to benefit those cancer patients. Our business model is to use functional genomics to identify pathways and biological targets that could be exploited in the field of medicines, and then to screen designed proprietary compounds with the support from local and international Contract Research Organizations (CROs). 

By middle of 2017, two projects have approached first big milestone at the stage of candidate selection. WSD0922 is the first-in-class BBB penetrable EGFR/EGFRVIII inhibitor for brain cancers, has received IND approval from FDA. Currently the Phase I clinical trial is conducting at Mayo Clinic. Strategic R&D pipeline, as example WSD1227 also for brain cancer as monotherapy or combination therapy, is under FDA IND enabling studies.  

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